Democratizing access to world-class rehabilitation technology


In patients with Cerebrovascular Accidents

The use of robotic technology improves the chances of regaining gait by 48%.


Every year in Argentina

150,000 people need movement rehabilitation, but only 0.15% have access to this type of technology.


With our intelligent rehabilitation platform, each year in Argentina

100% of the people would have access to better possibilities of recovering the movement.


The smart platform for more people to access world-class rehabilitation.

How does it work? With the potential of a network.

  • Patients

    Re-train your movement through Kinebot’s intelligent harness that provides precise stimuli for your session and captures new data. Technology for a better quality of life.

  • Mothus

    We centrally process all patient data using Kinebot and feed valuable information back to the platform. Every person’s movement adds up.

  • Medical Equipment

    Diagnose and define the rehabilitation plan with accurate information, not only of your patient but of all those who used Kinebot. More agile decisions and remote diagnosis.
  • Kinesiologist

    Facilitates the process by accompanying and monitoring the patient in each session. We enhance the value of your work and facilitate it.

Kinebot reduces the cost of each session by 75% to 90% and increases annual productivity by 200%.

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+ Efficiency

We multiply the sessions that clinics can offer.

+ Productivity

Professionals dedicated to high-value tasks.

+ Smart

Valuable, real-time information for the medical team.

+ Intensity

2000 steps per session vs. 100 of a conventional therapy.

+ Quality

Tailored therapies and improved patient experience.

An end to end solution

While the competition works on optimizing the training session and gaining minutes, at Mothus we focus on gaining complete sessions, optimizing the treatment from start to finish.

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A few years ago, we connected with the motivation to develop assistive technologies to improve people’s quality of life. Since then

  • We created Kinebot.
  • We validated it with patients at the ALPI clinic.

  • We obtained the INPI Argentina patent.

  • We publish clinical results.

  • We approved the pre-feasibility for the PCT patent.


We are Mothus

the founders

Cristian Alberoni
Cristian AlberoniCEO
Electronic Engineer and Master in Computer Science.
Pablo Alberoni
Pablo AlberoniCOO
Bachelor’s Degree in Administration and Public Accountant.
Orlando Alberoni
Orlando AlberoniProduction Manager
Mechanical Engineer and Management Engineering.



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